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From Recruitment Consultant to Managing Director, JMC has a rich history of harnessing talent and empowering individuals to achieve their professional goals. Below, our timeline depicts the History of JMC and some of our greatest milestones including the trajectory of Sean Nicholson. Sean's career at JMC is a testament to our commitment to hard working individuals who are seeking unrivalled earnings and exceptional job satisfaction.

'Having joined JMC as a Trainee with no experience and progressing to where I am now as Managing Director, I am dedicated to training, developing and mentoring others to achieve a similar level of success.

We are committed to producing the best legal recruiters in the country and giving people a platform to achieve their professional goals.'

-Sean Nicholson

JMC was founded.

JMC was founded in 2016 by Jason Connolly on Park Street, in Bristol, with the aim to work with the best legal talent in the U.K.

JMC establishes an office in London.

JMC Rank No.1 on Google.

Sean started at JMC.

After a career in Travel and Tourism that saw him working in a wide variety of international locations, Sean decided to make a career change and applied to work at JMC.


Sean is promoted to Senior Consultant.

From his great success placing lawyers across the M4 corridor, Sean was quickly promoted to Senior Consultant and with that moved to the London patch, working with some of the most esteemed legal talent in the country.

Sean becomes Managing Consultant.

Due to his success working on the London desk, Sean was given the responsibility of managing a team of consultants, working closely together to place talent across London and Greater London.

JMC expands again, adding an office in Birmingham.

JMC now has National coverage.

With Recruiters working in each region across the U.K, JMC establishes it's roots in each corner of Great Britain. 

Sean is promoted to Associate Director.

In 2019, Sean's role changed again after achieving a promotion to Associate Director of JMC. This role saw Sean nurturing new Legal Recruitment talent with the view of achieving similar levels of success as he had, when building his recruitment practice the years previous.

JMC Bristol moves to Queens Square.

Jason was named Top 40 CEO's under 40 by Insider Magazine.

Sean is promoted to Managing Director.

After just 3 years at JMC, Sean was promoted to Managing Director. As well as continuing his success with the London team, this promotion saw him taking on the responsibility of training and developing all consultants within the company, as well as making decisions at board level and working closely with Jason to strategise business growth.

JMC Bristol moves to St Thomas Square.

Jason headlines LegalEx London.

Jason was the first to headline LegalEx after Covid-19.


Jason was interviewed by BBC Bristol about the success of JMC.

Bristol opens an office in Manchester.

Headed up by Joe Bryant, Development Director, JMC expands again.

JMC establishes an In-House team.

Headed up by Sam Thompson, JMC now has a dedicated department with an In-House sector focus.


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