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Our values

Our values are reflected in everything we do. We actively seek individuals and partnerships that reflect these values, we aim to uphold these throughout our work and professional conduct. 


Trust underpins everything we do. Whether it's acting for a candidate or a client, or working internally with colleagues, fostering long lasting relationships. We integrate integrity, transparency, and reliability in all our relationships and endeavours.


Quality is our hallmark. We meticulously prioritise excellence, ensuring every step, connection, and outcome reflects our commitment to delivering the highest possible service.


Recruitment is hard work and requires a great deal of effort.

We have a work culture that fosters sharing and collaboration, balancing independent and collaborative work. Recruitment is often competitive with individuals pitted against one another, one thing that really separates JMC is our teamwork and ability to work together as one collective, ensuring the best results for all.


Equally as important to hard work is celebrating success. Recognition is woven into our fabric!

We cultivate a culture that hounors achievements and rewards based on merit. We thrive on celebrating our own individual and collective team successes. Every success is a chance to acknowledge your individual development and progression. 

Our History

JMC was founded in 2016 by our CEO, Jason Connolly. Prior to starting JMC, Jason had established himself as one of the leading legal recruiters globally, predominantly focusing on the London market.

The vision for starting JMC was to have an agency that puts quality at the forefront, and to truly build a team of visionaries. JMC has organically grown to become a national agency with specialists covering all of England, Wales and Scotland.

Since the company was founded, many members of our management team are now Directors in the business, including our Managing Director, Sean Nicholson, our Development Director and Head of Manchester office, Joe Bryant, and Director of London, Charlie Simpkin, Ellie Simpson, Deputy Operations Manager, Francesca Barton-Cooper, Executive Assistant. This well demonstrates our commitment to mentoring and development.

Our Goals

To champion diversity and inclusion in both the legal and recruitment sectors.

To be at the forefront of emerging technology.

To continue to mentor individuals into leadership roles to add further diversity to our management team, and to assist in the continued strategic growth of JMC.

To expand our offering to overseas regions.

Our People

Our culture is built on mutual support, respect, and camaraderie. At JMC, we believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every individual's contribution is valued. This collaborative atmosphere ripples throughout our organisation, creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

We look at each person as an individual and take the time to really get to know our people. It’s this close-knit relationship that then allows us to offer one to one mentoring to help people achieve their goals, both in the short and long term. 

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Benefits & Rewards

A recruitment career with JMC can offer unrivalled earnings, career progression and flexible working.

Explore our comprehensive benefits, from competitive packages to recognition rewards, enhancing your career journey.

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